About Laurie

With over 23 years of riding experience, with an emphasis on dressage for 17 years, Laurie has been enamored with horses and riding from a very young age. As a child, Laurie would spend an hour on the bus in order to ride and take care of her horses. That desire and sense of responsibility continues today, as she takes great pains to make sure the horses under her training are well cared for and loved.

In addition to her passion for riding, Laurie holds degrees in Economics and German from Hood College. Throughout her career, Laurie has worked with some well-known dressage experts. She has trained for over 5 years with Rachel Saavedra (2+ years as her assistant) and frequently attends riding clinics with international experts such as Gerhard Politz, Conrad Schumacher, and Alfred Knopfhart.

Her Goal

To teach people to ride and learn in a fun, safe enviroment.

For her clients, to enjoy themselves while riding their horses. Laurie wants them to learn, but this is their hobby not their job. It is supposed to be fun.

Laurie is currently schooling her 6-year old Oldenburg gelding, who she has had since he was born. She went in her first show at Denville-Kanani and won her Training Level class with a 73.2%. He was extremely well behaved and didn’t put a foot wrong.

Laurie enjoys working with students of all ages and backgrounds. She particularly enjoys a challenging horse and rider because it is so rewarding to help them, and the students are so grateful for it. She rides horses of all breeds and colors. Laurie has a Pinto National Show Horse in training who is scoring mid-sixties at Second Level. A horse doesn’t know what pedigree it is, just how to do its job.

Certifications and Accreditations

  • ~ USDF Certified through Fourth Level
  • ~ USDF Bronze and Silver Medals
  • ~ FEI Trainer and Competitor
  • ~ Member of USDF, USAE, CDS, APTI
  • ~ FEI Demo Rider in USDF Trainers Symposium with Conrad Schumacher 2002