Lesson Horse Program

We have three safe, quiet horses that we use regularly for our beginner and intermediate students. We also have use of three other horses that can be used for students ready to move up. We teach both private, semiprivate, and group lessons on a regular basis. We require those students wanting to ride in a semiprivate or group lesson to take a private lesson so that we can assess the ability and skill level and match that level accordingly with a group.

Our lessons are 45 mn - 1 hour long sessions. Private sessions are $60. Semi-private lessons are $50. There are packages of lessons available for $230 for four lessons and $440 for eight lessons (private). With a four lesson package for semi-privates, it is $45 per lesson or $180 for 4 lessons. We teach Monday-Saturday. We mainly teach English lessons, but Sherrie and Leigha teach Western as well.

When students are ready to move up to the next level we have horses available for lease both at Buena Amor, as well as our sister facility, La Jolla Equestrian Center. We will also assist you in finding a suitable horse to buy, if that is the route you would like to take.

Our beginner lessons start by teaching our students how to tack and untack a horse, with some time spent in the saddle. Usually by the third or fourth lesson, the students are capable of doing the tacking and untacking themselves and are asked to come early (15-20 min) and expected to untack and put away the horse. This means the lesson itself will be spent riding.

Everyone is asked to wear shoes with a heel, tight fitting pants, jeans or tights, and to bring a bike helmet. We do have some shoes with heels available to borrow as well as helmets.

We take our students to local horse shows regularly.